Pixel Dreams Screen Savers Cool Links


Pixel Dreams Screen Savers Cool Links

250+ at last count!!!

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  • Health Educator Online resources
  • Medical Health Degrees and Careers

    How to Fund Your Medical Assistant Program

    How to Become a Medical Assistant

    Resources and Tools for Public Health Students

    Becoming a Public Health Professional

  • Consumer Health Labs safety links
  • How to Keep Children Safe on the Internet

    A How-To Guide for Having The Talk with Your Elderly Parents About Internet Safety

    10 Common Email & Internet Scams - How to Avoid Them

    How to Protect Your Fancy New Connected Home from Savvy Hackers

    Budget-Friendly Smart Home Accommodations for Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs

    11 Expert-Recommended Autism Apps for Kids

    How Home Automation Can Increase Your Property Value

    7 Technologies That Can Help Keep the Elderly Safe

  • Software
  • SoftSEA Programs Center - Windows Shareware & Freeware Software Programs.

    Windows Sources: August 1997 Table of Contents.

    TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations!


    Software Links.

    ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Shareware.

    Apple QuickTime Home.

    Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio and RealVideo.

    Crescendo by LiveUpdate!

    Welcome to Vivo Software, Inc.

    Macromedia - Shockwave.

    Cheyenne, a Division of Computer Associates, Inc.

    Free TrueType fonts for the Web.

  • Hardware (drivers)
  • Ensoniq Multimedia Soundcard Drivers.

    Matrox MGA Video Card Drivers.

    Western Digital Corporation - Hard Drives.

    Welcome to Brother.


    Adaptec Home Page.

    Tom's Hardware Guide.

  • Screensavers!!!
  • The Screen Savers Paradise.

    Screen Saver Connection (100's of Screen Savers).

    100's of Screen Savers.

    Appolo Software Screensavers.

    32bit Screen Saver Programming.

    Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc., Developers of screen savers, games, multimedia development tools, and more!

  • Computer Algorithms

    comp.graphics.algorithms Frequently Asked Questions.

    Index of /hypertext/faq/usenet/graphics/.

    Fabio Cesari: Fractal Explorer.

    numa (Numerical Algorithms).

    LEDA - Library of Efficient Datatypes and Algorithms

    Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik - Home Page.

    Unsolved Mathematics Problems.

    NAS Technical Reports - The Computation of pi to 29,360,000 Decimal Digits Using Borweins' Quartically Convergent Algorithm.

    The Miraculous Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe Pi Algorithm.

    Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence, NRL.

    The Genetic Algorithms Archive.

    Research Resources.


    Sorting Algorithm Animation.

  • Programming tools
  • The C++ Programming Page.


    Internet Resources For Windows Developers.

    Windows Developer Magazines on Internet.

    Windows Developer Frequently Asked Questions.

    Houston Computer Consultants Resource - Reference Materials.

    Hello, World Page!.

    Tech Tips.

    The Windows Programmer's Goodie Box.

    Internet Resources For Windows Developers.

    The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm).

    Back to basics - Visual Basic.

    Device Driver Development for MS Windows.

    Programmer's Virtual Library.

    R2M Software.

    Welcome to MSJ.

    Windows Developer's Journal.

    C/C++ Users Journal.


    Welcome to WUGNET on the Web!

    Latest Windows95 and Windows NT shareware, freeware, demos at PCWin Resource Center.

    The Windows NT Information Network.

  • Microsoft technologies
  • Win32 Programming Newsgroups.

    Site Builder Network.

    Site Builder Network Programming.

    Don Box's 90's .plan.

    Microsoft Developer Network Online.

    OLE Development.

    Microsoft Technical Support Knowledge Base.

    Microsoft Technical Support Help Files, Service Packs, and Other Files.

    Microsoft Technologies for Java.

    DirectX Developer's Page.

  • Web Design and tools
  • Web Wizards World.

    Artistic Homepage.

    Northern Webs Main Page.

    Adding audio to a page.

    Streaming Audio Garage.

  • Gamelan (The Official Directory for JAVA).

    The JavaScript Planet - Collection with 334 FREE examples!.

    Visual Basic.

    The Java(TM) Boutique.

    CyberWizz's Help and Tips Page - Home.

    Gilpo's How To Make Links.

    Designing your Homepage.

    Java Applet USA Main Page.

    Scripting References.

    24 Hour JavaScript.com - Welcome/Login.

    JM Web JavaScript collection.

    The Totally Free Homepage Resource Center.

    Welcome to JARS.COM.

    Tim's Web World is now Open.

    KJ's Web Programming Page At Geocities.

    html_help's Home Page.

    Welcome to the Nek Zone.


    VRML . SGI . COM.

    Planet 9 Studios.

    Nick's Page.

  • ActiveX
  • Active Platform.

    ActiveX Component Gallery.

    Demo-x is an interactive demo authoring tool using activex technology.

    A-Net Homepage.

    A Wild Wild Web - ActiveX.

    ACTIVEX.COM Welcome.

    Daves Decent Web Site.

    Matt's Home Page.

    ActiveX Tutorial Samples: Overview.

    The Active Group (ActiveX).

    ActiveX Developer Support Program.

    ActiveX and JAVA Guide.

    Matt's ActiveX Page.

    The Trombonist's Corner.

  • Active Server Pages (ASP) and ISAPI
  • Sign Me Up Marketing : Backgrounder.

    15 Seconds : Introduction.

    15 Seconds FAQ : Home.

  • News
  • CNN Interactive.

    The New York Times on the Web.

    Breaking News From A.P.

    Welcome to NEWS.COM.

    Nando News.

    Russia Today.


    Serbian Radio B92.

    Serbian Radio B92(audio-video).

    Press Now - Support the Independent Media in Ex-Yugoslavia.

  • Helpful information resources
  • Debbie's Adult Home Page.

    The Weather Channel - Home Page.

    New Jersey Division of Taxation.

    New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

    H&R Block Tax Site.

  • Health resources
  • Official American Medical Association (AMA) Home Page.


    Healthtouch® - Online for better health.

    Mayo Clinic Health O@sis--daily news on diseases, treatments, drugs, diet.

    Health Communication Network (HCN).

    GeoHealthWeb Homepage.

    Health Direct.

    Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links.

    THE MERCK MANUAL (of diagnosis and therapy).

    Milton's InterPsych Page.

    A Modern Herbal Home Page.

  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Pharmacology Online.

    Psychopharmacology Tips.

    Drug-Related Network Resources.

    American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.

    Medication Index.

  • Music and Video
  • Catalogue of Classical Composers.

    Sgt. Pepper's Beatles Page.

    Thanasis' Home Page.


    Anspa: My Midi Compositions -- Intro.

    The Music Archive - MIDI Music.

    The Ultimate Music Archive.

    Celtic Midi Files.

    Cecil's Irish Music Page.

    Multimedia Beethoven Encyclopaedia.

    The Internet Video Oasis - The Video Library.

    Crescendo by LiveUpdate!.

    Welcome to Headspace HQ.

    Midi File Central.

    Midi Page Portugal.

    MIDI Collection: Rock n' Roll.

    Geir Stokkes homepage.

    Mysterio Sensuales' Star Trek and MIDI Page!

  • Computer Graphics

  • Space Science
  • The NASA Homepage.

    Goddard Space Flight Center Homepage.

    JPL Homepage.

    NAS Systems Division (Numerical Aerospace Simulation Facility at NASA Ames Research Center ).

    c a l t e c h ~ G P S (Geological and Planetary Sciences).

  • Nature and Biology
  • EnviroLink Pre Home Page.

    World Species List Taxa Database Plants Animals Microbes (WSL).


    BIOSIS Biosystematics & Life Science Resources.

    Zoological Record Online.

    Biological Resources Division - USGS.

    Midwest Cockroach Pest Indentification Pictures.

    Clemson University Biology Program.

  • Chemistry and Molecular Biology
  • PCMolecule and MacMolecule Home Page.

  • Legal Resources
  • ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union.

    Nolo Home Page - self-help law center.

    Drug Tests: Junk Science in the Workplace?.

    BitLaw: Legal Resource for the Computer Industry.

    Internet Law and Software Law (BitLaw).

  • Helpful Tools
  • Hex Colors (Black Background).

    Color Cube.

  • CyberGeeking and other useful Link Pages
  • Silicon Mouse's Virtual Hole.

    Favorite Links.


    ZD Internet MegaSite Magazine.

    HotWired: Webmonkey.


    MyStation.com - Your Internet Station!

    Timecast: Your RealMedia Guide.

    Whole Web Catalog - Welcome!

    under the sun.

  • The Great State of Maine (where I went to college.)
  • Internet Maine.

    Maine Exile Products.

    Colby College Alumni (The Blue Light).

    L.L. Bean.

  • The Garden State of New Jersey (Hey, I live here!)
  • NJ Search : Proud NJ Sites.

    Friendly NJ-Our Guide to New Jersey.

  • The Beautiful Country of Ireland (in which I have Dual Citizenship!)
  • Cecil's Irish Page.

    An Interactive Travel Guide to the best of Ireland.

  • JOKES!
  • Instrument Jokes.

    Tech ACM Humor.

  • Games
  • Philip Marshall's Myst Homepage.

  • This is where I work
  • Minolta Corporation.

  • Miscellaneous (but interesting!)
  • MILITARY PARADE (want to buy a Diesel-Electric Torpedo Submarine?).

    Berkeley Systems KitchenCam.

    the hundred acre wood.

  • Search Engines and Top Lists
  • WebSideStory's World Top 1000 List.

    COMFIND Business Search.

    Welcome To Starting Point(TM).

    Welcome to WhoWhere?.

    Macmillan Publishing USA.

    World Wide Web Yellow Pages.

    Add A URL to LINKS -- Search Without Prejudice!

    Winnipeg Online.

    Linkcentre Directory and Search Engine.

    Delta COOL Sites!

    LinkMonster Website Search and Announcement Directory.

    Resource-One: The ONE RESOURCE for internet developers and marketers.

    ABS - Scrub The Web Search Engine.

    Business Seek.

    AAA World Announce Archive - Search Engine Index.

    Internet Resources Meta-Index.

    NCSA Mosaic Home Page.

    microsoft.com Search Wizard.


    SEARCH.COM - Vicinity MapBlast.


    FTP search v3.

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