Twilight Dream for Brass Quintet - 28K

(2:57). This is an original composition for Brass Quintet that I wrote in 1989. This piece was originally composed and sequenced as a MIDI composition with "Personal Composer" by Jim Miller utilizing a Roland LAPC-1 Sound Card. It evolved as a compilation of several musical themes that I had written over the years that were yearning for a home. Fortunately, those themes turned out to contain a common thread of thought and feeling and so came together organically into a natural synergy.

This version is a recording of a live performance by the Ramapo Wind Symphony Brass Ensemble at the November 17, 1990 concert. My thanks to Peter Del Vecchio, conductor of the Ramapo Wind Symphony, and lead trumpet of the Brass Ensemble, for giving me the opportunity to have this piece performed at that concert. The members of the Brass Ensemble did a phenomenal job with only one rehearsal possible before the concert!

I dedicate this composition to David H. Bailey.

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