A Tribute to Shadow

Groundhogs Woodchucks Groundhog Woodchuck

Shadow the Groundhog passed away Friday, August 6, 1999.

Below is his obituary from Bob Lutz...

Groundhogs Woodchucks Groundhog Woodchuck

To all of our dear friends and colleagues.....

I am extremely sad to report that Shadow, our beloved pet groundhog died suddenly this past Friday afternoon. Shadow began to develop respiratory problems shortly after we returned home from a public appearance in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. I rushed him to Ponte Animal clinic here in Otis Orchards, but despite their valiant efforts, they were unable to revive him. I requested an autopsy which ultimately revealed that Shadow had genetic liver cancer which had spread to his lungs. We had no clue he was even sick! His appetite was great and until his respiratory distress on Friday, he showed no signs of any illness. Ponte Animal clinic said that they sincerely believe that while he was alive he had little or no pain as evidenced by his enormous appetite, which is typically non-existent in animals that feel bad.

This has been quite a shock to us! As I write this to you all, I am just overwhelmed with grief.... Shadow was not only a SPECIAL pet to our immediate family, but he was also a special pet to much of the Inland Northwest. During his short 12 month stay with us, Shadow also became a very special part of our Weather Van education program, and won the hearts of kids and adults alike all around our region.

At this time, plans to obtain another groundhog are uncertain due to availability. As a memorial to Shadow, and to help us all "celebrate" his short time with us, I plan on putting together a picture display which will be available for the kids to view inside the Weather Watcher Van during the upcoming school year. In further memory of Shadow, I have also enclosed some pictures depicting some of his special moments with us.

In closing, I can only say this....... Shadow will be SORELY MISSED!

Groundhogs Woodchucks Groundhog Woodchuck

Here are some photographs of Shadow, so he will never be forgotten.

Shadow showing off his cute face Shadow showing off his cute face

Kids flock around the Weather Watcher Van to get a look at Shadow Kids flock around the Weather Watcher Van to get a look at Shadow

Shadow doing what he did best..... Sleeping Shadow doing what he did best..... Sleeping

Shadow doing what he did 2nd best.... Eating Shadow doing what he did 2nd best.... Eating

Shadow letting curiosity get the best of him Shadow letting curiosity get the best of him

Shadow begging for his favorite food..... Banana chips Shadow begging for his favorite food..... Banana chips

Temper!  Temper! Temper! Temper!

MMMM MMMMM More banana chips MMMM MMMMM More banana chips

Shadow on kitchen crumb detail Shadow on kitchen crumb detail

Tribute to Shadow

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